About Us

A Little Bit About Us

Founded in January of 2004 by successful tournament anglers, Brovarney Baits knows that reliable equipment is extremely important to a successful fishing day and season. We dedicated a year to the development of our jig and came up with the perfect combinations of skirting, tinsel, hook, and head. Our original series colors are inspired by natural attractants of bass and have proven to catch fish.

Our jigs have undergone intense quality testing in real situations and tournaments for durability and popularity among the fish.

Each and every jig you purchase is hand painted for uniqueness and hand tied and knotted for added strength.  

Our products are already popular with many successful tournament anglers around the country and are becoming increasingly popular as people are introduced to them.  

Brovarney Baits is your source for high quality, hand made fishing jigs and supplies.

You can count on us when quality matters!

Our Promise To You!

*Our skirts will not bunch up or fall off

*Our hooks will not break

*Our colors work

A Note From The President

Like any retail businessman, I love to have my product out there- but it is not about how many people I can sell to, it is about how many satisfied customers I have. It is important to have customers who continue to come back and who refer others to us. I will do everything I can to make sure our product meets your every expectation so if there are any concerns please share them with our customer service department or me directly. 

Thank you and good luck on the water,

Casey Hewes