Tungsten Trash Bomb


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1 per pack

Available in 1 oz, 1-1/4 oz, 1-1/2 oz, and 1-3/4 oz

Compact and heavy, River2Sea’s Trash Bomb is one of its kind in the ”penetrating sinker“ market. Trash Bomb combines the time–tested qualities of D18* tungsten, with the touches that have made River2Sea a leader in tungsten technology. Trash Bomb comes with line protection inserts to guard against unwanted line breakage. Trash Bomb also features River2Sea’s exclusive Natural Matte finishes in black and brown designed to blend with the industries’ most popular soft plastic colors. Natural Matte Finishes also avoid spooking fish by eliminating unnatural flash caused by glossy finishes.

* RiverS2sea Tungsten fishing products use only the highest grade in materials,High–Density Tungsten, i.e., 95% pure tungsten and 5% alloy (N i⁄ Fe ⁄ Co), which is environmental–friendly. With a density 18 (D18),our tungsten products are 1.8 times heavier than same size lead products, giving fishermen the advantages of minimal water resistance and better sinking effect.

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1 oz, 1-1/2 oz, 1-1/4 oz, 1-3/4 oz


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